Maternity care

The first week after the delivery you will receive maternity care. The maternity nurse takes care of the mother and child. It is important that you indicate your needs. The maternity nurse takes this into account as much as possible.

Arrange maternity care on time, always before the 20th week of pregnancy. You can choose your maternity care facility. Check with your health insurer which form of maternity care you are entitled to. The maternity nurse can also provide support during a home birth.

With a normal maternity bed, a woman is entitled to 49 hours of maternity care. If necessary, we can extend the maternity care up to and including the 10th day by a few hours per day. After this, the legal right to maternity care ends.

Pregnancy and the birth of a child are happy, but also radical events. Your body needs time to recover. It is normal for this to last a few weeks to months. Emotions also play an important role. A baby changes your daily life completely. Give yourself time to get used to these changes. Your body must recover, the hormones in your body change.