Viva offers a course in pregnancy yoga. The pregnancy yoga course is taught by Agada Oosterbaan. In the lessons, attention is given to breathing exercises, postures and relaxation by means of body posture. The yoga exercises are specially adapted for the expectant mother and teach you techniques to relax. We practice breathing during the dilation and the pushing period, so that you are as well prepared as possible for the birth itself.


The lessons are on Saturday morning. The course lasts 12 weeks and includes 2 partner lessons, reference book and documentation. Plus, copies of breathing exercises and posture. Register: Send an e-mail to or call 06-41571846. Cost: 120 Euro for 12 weeks incl. 2 partner lessons and reference work. This course is mostly paid by healthcare insurance.

There are also leaflets on the practice about other courses that take place outside the practice: Hypnobirthing, pregnancy gym, Mom in Balance, pregnancy swimming, haptonomy, giving birth together. You can also read more about all of this on the internet.