Telephonic advice

If you think that the labour has started with contractions or amniotic fluid loss before the 37th week or if you have extensive vaginal bleeding before the 37th week, you should always call the midwife immediately. From 37 weeks you can follow the telephone advice below, so that you know when to call the midwife.


90% of the time, the labour starts with contractions. If the labour starts with contractions, it is a good time to call if you have contractions every 4-5 minutes for 1 hour that last for about 1 minute.

Broken waters

In 10% of cases, the labour starts with the rupture of the membranes. You can recognise broken membranes by a large amount of fluid in one go, after which it continues to come on slowly or involuntary loss of small amounts of fluid during the day.
The colour of the amniotic fluid
Amniotic fluid is clear in colour (pink or transparent, sometimes with white flakes). If you think your waters have broken, try to collect a little fluid. If the colour of the water is green, brown or yellow contact us immediately. The baby probably pooped in the amniotic fluid. A check-up at the hospital is then required.

Descent of the head

Has your baby’s head not yet descended into your pelvis and your waters broke spontaneously? Do not panic! Lie down and contact us immediately. We come and visit you at home to check if the baby’s head descended after your water broke.

No contractions yet?

In 70% of all women whose water broke spontaneously, contractions follow within 24 hours. If the amniotic fluid is clear, we wait the first 24 hours. The membranes protect your baby against infections. We recommend the following to reduce the possibility of infection:

  • It’s better not to take a bath. You may take a shower.
  • Rather do not swim in a pool or open water.
  • Refrain from sex after your water broke.
  • Do not use tampons, sanitary pads are allowed.
  • If your waters have broken and you are not having contractions yet, it is good to measure your body temperature every 6 hours. This should preferably be measured rectally. If your temperature is 38°C or higher, you should contact us.

If the contractions do not start 24 hours after your water broke, you must go to the hospital for a check-up. There, a heart film (CTG) of your baby is made and a culture is taken. If your baby is in a good condition and there is no sign of infection, you do not have to stay at the hospital. You may go home and wait out the time at home. They will make an appointment for your next check-up.

Blood loss

Blood loss during childbirth is in many cases part of it. A little bit when you wipe or on your sanitary pad is normal. If you have increasing bright red blood loss compared to a menstrual period, it is advisable to contact us immediately.

Mucus plug

You can lose the mucus plug before delivery, even before 37 weeks. Sometimes this happens all at once, sometimes in parts. This is no reason to panic. It is also not an indication of when you will give birth.

Are you concerned or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Vrouw straalt na bevalling

Bloedverlies tijdens de bevalling hoort er in veel gevallen bij. Een klein beetje met het afvegen of op je maandverband is normaal. Indien je toenemend helderrood bloedverlies vergelijkend met een menstruatie hebt dan is het raadzaam om direct contact op te nemen.

Je kunt voor de bevalling de slijmprop verliezen, dit kan zelfs al voor de 37 weken. Soms gebeurt dit in 1 keer, soms in gedeeltes. Dit is geen reden tot ongerustheid. Het zegt helaas ook niet wanneer je gaat bevallen.

Maak je je ongerust of heb je vragen? Neem dan gerust contact op!