What I stand for:

  • Protecting and promoting the natural process of being pregnant and giving birth to a child.
  • The safety for the mother and child is most important.
  • Personal guidance: Good birth care is care that suits your situation, questions, wishes and choices. You also receive 1 on 1 assistance.
  • Accessibility: I am your first point of contact, and I am ALWAYS AVAILABLE.


From the moment you want to become pregnant until your baby is 6 weeks, I work to give you good care. I assist you before, during and after the pregnancy. I advise and support you during this important period. I perform medical checks and signal the symptoms of medical risks in time. Then I consult the gynaecologist.
Good guidance and care are coordinated with your needs and wishes. These are your choices.

You also have an important say in the care you receive.
I give you complete and comprehensible information that enables you to make the choices that are most suitable to you. You can also ask me to help you make choices.
All happens with your involvement, consent and freedom of choice. Good birth care is care that suits your situation, questions, wishes and choices.

As obstetrician, I closely collaborate with gynaecologists, maternity care providers, youth health care workers and other care givers. Our goal is to organise proper assistance and care for you and your baby and a successful pregnancy. I coordinate with the other care providers. After working so many years in Den Haag, I have built an extensive network with numerous other care providers. I also participate in the Midwifery Partnership (VSV) of the HMC Bronovo hospital and of the Haga Juliana Birth centre.

Verloskundigenpraktijk Viva is a training practice and contributes to the training of future midwives. The students follow me during my activities.
The first years mostly just observe. The second and third-year students perform more activities. In the fourth year, the students are quite independent already. I am always present and accept final responsibility.
If you object against a student’s presence or assistance, you must please inform me. Your wishes are always taken into account.